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Single-sign-on authentication module for Apache

mod_auth_tkt is a lightweight single-sign-on authentication module for apache, supporting versions 2.0.x and 2.2.x. It uses secure cookie-based tickets to implement a single-signon framework that works across multiple apache instances and servers.

mod_auth_tkt itself is completely repository-agnostic, as the actual authentication is done by a user-supplied CGI or script in your language of choice (examples are provided in Perl, with contrib libraries for use with python and PHP). This allows authentication against virtually any kind of user repository you can imagine (password files, ldap directories, databases, etc.)

mod_auth_tkt supports inactivity timeouts (including the ability to control how aggressively the ticket is refreshed), the ability to include arbitrary user data within the cookie, configurable cookie names and domains, and token-based access to subsections of a site.

mod_auth_tkt works by checking incoming Apache requests for a (user-defined) cookie containing a valid authentication ticket. The ticket is checked by generating an MD5 checksum for the username and any (optional) user data from the ticket together with the requesting IP address and a shared secret available to the server. If the generated MD5 checksum matches the ticket's checksum, the ticket is valid and the request is authorised. Requests without a valid ticket are redirected to a configurable URL which is expected to validate the user and generate a ticket for them. This package includes a Perl module and working CGI scripts for generating the cookies, as well as contributed classes for PHP and Python environments.

Package version:2.1.0



See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

  *NOTE: this version of mod_auth_tkt (2.0.x) works with Apache
   1.3.x, 2.0.x, and 2.2.x. The older mod_auth_tkt 1.3.x is now 
   deprecated, and all users are encouraged to upgrade.*

mod_auth_tkt is a lightweight cookie-based authentication module for
Apache, written in C. It implements a single-signon framework th


Upgrading from mod_auth_tkt version 1.3.x to version 2.0.x

In general, upgrading should be a non-issue - just recompile and reinstall
mod_auth_tkt on each of your apache instances, both apache 1.3.x and 
apache 2.0.x.

The only gotcha is that the ticket format has changed (due to a 
vulnerability in the previous format), so tickets produc


This directory contains ticket generation code in PHP and Python
contributed by members of the community. Please see the code for 
author and license details.

In addition, the following libraries are available elsewhere on
the Net:

- ruby:


mod_auth_tkt(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation mod_auth_tkt(3)

       mod_auth_tkt - a


revno: 93
committer: Gavin Carr <gavin@


/* ====================================================================
 * Portions Copyright (c) 20

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