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Configuration file parser library

libConfuse is a configuration file parser library, licensed under the terms of the ISC license, and written in C. It supports sections and (lists of) values (strings, integers, floats, booleans or other sections), as well as some other features (such as single/double-quoted strings, environment variable expansion, functions and nested include statements). It makes it very easy to add configuration file capability to a program using a simple API.

The goal of libConfuse is not to be the configuration file parser library with a gazillion of features. Instead, it aims to be easy to use and quick to integrate with your code. libConfuse was called libcfg before, but was changed to not confuse with other similar libraries.

Package version:2.6


This is libConfuse, a library for parsing configuration files. It was
called libcfg before, but was changed to not confuse with other
similar libraries.

See the INSTALL file for installation instructions. By default, only a
static library is built. Specify --enable-shared to the configure
script to also build a shared library.

With libtool 1.4.2 (and/or automake 1.6.3) there is a problem buildin


New in 2.6

* added French translation contributed by Matthieu Sion
* added build script and instructions for compiling with Mingw under Windows
   (contributed by Matthieu Sion)
* now accepts a simplified list append syntax:
    option += "value"
      insted of
    option += {"value"}
* added flag CFGF_NO_TITLE_DUPES: multiple section titles must be unique
  (duplicates raises an erro


Martin Hedenfalk <>

Josh Myer <> fixed a buffer-checking FIXME

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