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XML-CSV - Perl extension converting CSV files to XML

XML::CSV is a new module in is going to be upgraded very often as my time permits. For the time being it uses CSV_XS module object default values to parse the (*.csv) document and then creates a perl data structure with xml tags names and data. At this point it does not allow for a write as you parse interface but is the first upgrade for the next release. I will also allow more access to the data structures and more documentation. I will also put in more support for XML, since currently it only allows a simple XML structure. Currently you can modify the tag structure to allow for attributes. No DTD support is currently available, but will be implemented in a soon coming release. As the module will provide both: object and event interfaces, it will be used upon individual needs, system resources, and required performance. Ofcourse the DOM implementation takes up more resources and in some instances timing, it's the easiest to use.
Package version:0.15


Module: XML::CSV

    XML::CSV provides functions to easily transform CSV documents into XML.  The module uses Text::CSV_XS to
    parse csv files and put into perl data structure.  The perl data structure is then written into xml data
    XML::CSV allows to create your own Text::CSV_XS object with defaults that fit your needs or just use defaults.
    I will enh


CSV(3)           User Contributed Perl Documentation          CSV(3)

       XML::CSV - Perl extension converting CSV files to XML

         use XML::CSV;
         $csv_obj = XML::CSV->new();
         $csv_obj = XML::CSV->new(\%attr);

         $status = $csv_obj->parse_doc(file_name);
         $status = $csv_obj->parse_doc(file_name, \%attr);



Revision history for Perl extension XML::CSV.

0.10  Wednesday Jan 17 13:11:00 2001
	-Fixed the failed test
0.11  Sunday Mar 18 16:54:00 2001
	-Added sub_char attribute to parse_doc() to
	allow to specify a character(s) with which
	illegal chars will be replaced in tags.
	-Added file_tag, parent_tag, format to print_xml()
	to allow setting the xml parent file tag and xml
	parent recor

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