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Visualize database structure with Dia

tedia2sql is a tool that allows you to create a database ERD in Dia (using the UML shape toolset), then to convert that ERD into a SQL DDL script for multiple databases. Traditionally, to be able to do these things, you've needed to have a Win32 OS installed. But because Dia is available for Unices, and because my Perl script works on Unices, this means that you can now create ERDs that generate SQL DDL for your database -- all without ever rebooting into Win32!
Package version:1.2.12


				   tedia2sql Notes

Run tedia2sql -h to get help. Also, try www/index.html for some other
nice HTML-formatted documentation.

1. You must have a version of expat 1.95.3 or later. is your
   friend. Use it wisely.

2. You must have (Perl) XML::Parser and XML::DOM. Perl CPAN or even
   are your friends. Use them wisely


		<h1>tedia2sql TODO list</h1>

			<li> Add switches for certain SQL constructs like "cascade", plus some
			admin switch that turns on/off certain sets of switches.

			<li> Add trigger-create for Sybase or other RDBMSs that
			don't implicitly create triggers for foreign-key
			referential integrity. Priority 3

			<li> MySQL and MS-SQL SQL DDL output. For this, I am awaiti


Contributing Authors to-date:

	<li> Tim Ellis -- Main program, general direction -- mailto: ttiimmeelleessss at tigris dot org
	<li> Martin Gebert, Edward Epstein -- MySQL InnoDB support and Constraint enforcement
	<li> Andrew S. Halper -- Ingres Support
	<li> Greg Copeland -- Bug fixes & patches
	<li> Christopher Bowland -- Windows-without-Cygwin fixes
	<li> Peter Lamb -- UML mode and a


 Version 2, June 1991

 Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundatio

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