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Archiver program which writer CPIO-format archives

afio makes cpio-format archives. It deals somewhat gracefully with input data corruption, supports multi-volume archives during interactive operation, and can make compressed archives that are much safer than compressed tar or cpio archives. Afio is best used as an `archive engine' in a backup script.
Package version:2.5.1


This is afio 2.5.1

To find out if this is the latest version, you can look at

The current maintainer is Koen Holtman (

When mailing the maintainer, please use the word `afio' somewhere in
the subject line, this lowers the chance that your mail will get
accidentally deleted.

Alternative e-mail address for the maintainer: k.holtman@chello


These are the scripts I use to make backups and to restore them
afterwards using afio for Linux.  They're pretty simple.

I put them in /etc/backup on my backup filesystem (with a symlink from
/etc/backup on the root FS), and do /etc/backup/backup as root to back
the system up.  The x.* files are regular expression which cause
matching names to be excluded from backups.  A trailing slash is used o


AFIO(1)                                                      AFIO(1)

       afio - manipulate archives and files

       ...  | afio -o [ options ] archive  : write (create) archive
       afio -i [ options ] archive  : install (unpack) archive
       afio  -t [ options ] archive  : list table-of-contents of ar‐
       afio -r  [  options  ]  archive   :  verify  ar

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