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Sort files in sophisticated ways

Msort is a program for sorting files in sophisticated ways. Records need not be single lines. Key fields may be selected by position, tag, or character range. For each key, distinct exclusions, multigraphs, substitutions. and a sort order may be defined. Comparisons may be lexicographic, numeric, by string length, date, or time. Optional keys are supported. Msort uses the Unicode character set and provides full Unicode case-folding. The basic program has a somewhat complex command line interface, but may be driven by an optional GUI.
Package version:8.48


This package consists of two related programs.
The first, msort, is the actual sort program.
It has a command-line interface and is written in C.
The code is quite standard and no exotic libraries
are required, so it should compile and run on
any POSIX-compliant system.

The one non-standard library required is
Ville Laurikari's TRE regular expression library,
available at


2008-09-20 8.48
Updated case-folding to Unicode 5.1.

Fixed bug that caused inappropriate rejection of ISO8601
date/time stamps lacking a numerical time zone offset.

Fixed bug that caused inappropriate return of error
from well-formed ISO8601 times.

Fixed a bug that caused a segmentation fault if
an attempt was made to analyze as a date a string not
containing the expected first date component s


MSORT(1)                    User Commands                   MSORT(1)

       msort - sort records in complex ways

       msort <options> [<input file>]

       msort  is  a  program for sorting text files in sophisticated
       ways.  It was developed initially for  alphabetizing  dictio‐
       naries  of  languages in which the ordering may be quite dif‐


2008-09-20  Bill Poser  <>

	* misc.c (GetISO8601Key): 
	Fixed bug t


Bill Poser (


                    GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
                       Version 3, 29 June 2007


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