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Host/service/network monitoring program plugins for Nagios

This package contains the basic plugins necessary for use with the Nagios package. This package should install cleanly on almost any RPM-based system.

But you may need additional packages. Depending on what plugins you use, the following packages may be required:

bind-utils, mysql, net-snmp-utils, ntp, openldap, openssh-clients, openssl, postgresql-libs qstat, radiusclient, samba-client, sendmail

Package version:1.4.2


Nagios Plugins README

* For instructions on installing these plugins for use with Nagios,
  see below. In addition, generic instructions for the GNU toolchain
  can be found in the INSTALL file.

* For major changes between releases, read the CHANGES file.

* For information on detailed changes that have been made or plugins 
  that have been added, read the Changelog file.



New in 1.2.9:
* Added support for multiplatform builds


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q: Where can I find documentation for <insert name> plugin?

    A: All plugins that comply with minimal development guideline for
    this project include internal documentation.  The documentation
    can be read executing plugin with the '-h' option ('--help' if
    long options are enabled).  If the '-h' option does not work, that


2005-09-19 14:46  tonvoon

	* doc/RELEASING: Reminders for news item and tag format

2005-09-19 14:4


This file documents the major additions and syntax changes between releases.

	IPv6 support in c


The Nagios Plugins are brought to you by the Nagios Plugins Development Team.

Jeremy T Bouse
Karl D


This software is brought to you by the Nagios Plugins Development Team. However,
there have been man


This file lists known bugs in this specific release. It lists the major bugs from the Nagios

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