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BYTE's UNIX Benchmarks

The BYTE Unix benchmarks that we published in March, 1990, we expected that they fill our needs for several years. It was only a few months before we started to see that UNIX workstation performance was going to make the benchmark design questionable.

The design flaw was that the benchmarks timed a fixed number of loops; if there were too few loops, the times were too small to be reliable. Perhaps we could have increased the number of loops and been safe for another few years (months?). But with IBM's introduction of the RS/6000, it became obvious that we needed to redesign our benchmarks.

Package version:4.0.1


Version 4.0.1 -- 1997.06.20

To use Unixbench:


You may run individual benchmark programs and groups of programs.
There are also a few options.

  Run [<bench> ...] [<group> ...] [-qvd]

	-q	quiet		no output to standard out
	-v	verbose		extra output to s

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