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Library implementing a variety of cryptographic algorithms and formats

Botan is a library, written in C++. It's main purpose it to provide an easy to use, high level interface to various cryptographic primitives, such as block ciphers, hash functions, and public key algorithms. In addition, the intent is that Botan is as general purpose as possible, and for this reason, it supports many standards and de-facto standards.
Package version:1.6.3


Botan 1.6.3

Botan 1.6 is mostly compatible with Botan 1.4, and many applications
written against 1.4 will work against 1.6 without any modifications.
However some applications, particularly ones doing complex processing,
will require changes to match the new API.

You can file bugs at



Here are some notes about various things I should/could/might do. If you're
interested in working on something here (or something else!), drop me an email
and we can coordinate efforts.

* Algorithms / Related
  - ECDH

* X.509 / PKCS / ASN.1
  - X.509 code is in need of a major cleanup, both API and internal
  - OCSP (RFC 2560)
  - Attribute Certificates (RFC 3281)
  - Support for Unico


The following people (sorted alphabetically) contributed bug reports, useful
information, or were generally just helpful people to talk to:

Jeff B
Mike Desjardins
Matthew Gregan
Hany Greiss
Friedemann Kleint
Ying-Chieh Liao
Dan Nicolaescu
Vaclav Ovsik
Ken Perano
Darren Starsmore
Kaushik Veeraraghavan
Dominik Vogt
James Widener

Barry Kavanagh of AEP Systems Ltd kindly provided an AEP2000 crypto 


Copyright (C) 1999-2007 The Botan Project. All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source an

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