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This is the README file for GNU CSSC, a workalike for the source code
control system SCCS.  It is based on the MySC package by Ross Ridge.

Although this is a full public release of CSSC, there are features of
the SCCS suite which are not fully implemented.  The most important of
these is excluded deltas.

Specific information about compiling CSSC on particular platforms is
provided in the file "d


This directory contains rudimentary tests for the CSSC package.

The environment variable "dir" selects where the programs to be tested
are found, so if your machine has "genuine" SCCS in (say) /usr/sccs,
you can say export dir=/usr/sccs and run these tests on the genuine
article.  This serves to test the test suite itself.

Most of these tests contain no checks of the contents of stderr.   


The "lndir" program in this directory is required only to run the test
suites.  It is not part of the CSSC suite as installed.

None of the programs in this directory will be installed as part of
the CSSC package; many of them are used only by the test suites.  Some
of them are not even used by the test suite.  "last-time.c", for
example, is provided to help you figure out when your C library's


New in CSSC-1.2.0, 2009-04-11

	* This stable release is almost identical to the 1.1.1 test


Please see the file named NEWS in the top level directory of the CSSC source distribution


 * release.h: Part of GNU CSSC.
 *    Copyright (C) 1997,2007,2008 Free Software Foundat


2009-04-11  James Youngman  <>

	*, NEWS: Prepare for release of version 1.2


1997-12-26  James Youngman  <>

	* testutils/ Minor corrections to a comment.

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         [DIR]CSSC-1.2.0/ (258)  2 mirrors

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