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Package version:-


You can install this using in the usual Perl fashion

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install
The documentation is in the module file.  You can read the 
documentation with perldoc (in the same way before or after
you install it).

	perldoc Test::Data
Before you install the module, you can look at the documentation
directly from the module files.

	perldoc lib/Test/
This sour


See the tests in the t/ directory for examples until I add some more.


# $Id$

1.22 - Wed Jul 18 18:06:51 2012
	* Rearrange the modules so I don't have to specify manpage
	locations (RT #46835)

1.21 - Sat Oct 27 20:48:15 2007
	* distro cleanups after moving from CVS to SVN

1.20 - Tue Jan  9 22:45:37 2007
	* updated copyright and license info
	* no code changes, so no need to upgrade

1.19 - Wed May 17 21:59:28 2006
	* Updates for the distro and kwalitee. There's no


You can use Test::Data under the same terms as Perl itself.

Browse inside Test-Data-1.23.tar.gz

Download Test-Data-1.23.tar.gz

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