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Concurrency control issues in approx

    Eric Cooper <>
    June 2008

The priorities for dealing with concurrency in approx are:

1. ensure correctness (no corrupt files delivered to clients or stored
   in the cache)

2. maintain good performance (minimize delays due to serialization,
   minimize number of downloads from remote repositories)

There are two sources of potential confli


Changing the temporary directory used by approx

  The TMPDIR environment variable can be used to specify the temporary
  directory used by approx. Please see the section on
  "Passing environment variables to approx", below.

Exporting a local package repository

  This is supported with file URLs. Note that the syntax for file URLs
  requires 3 leading slashes (two for the URL syntax, and one fo


(* approx: proxy server for Debian archive files
   Copyright (C) 2010  Eric C. Cooper <>
   Released under the GNU General Public License *)

open Util
open Config
open Log

type t = string * (( * string) list * (string -> string))

let find_directory file =
  let rec loop i =
    let dir = substring file ~until: i in
    if Sys.file_exists (dir ^/ "Release") then dir



(* approx: proxy server for Debian archive files
   Copyright (C) 2007  Eric C. Cooper <>

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