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The bootstrap-installer udeb is responsible for calling debootstrap to
install the base system, as well as selecting and installing a kernel.

The base-installer udeb provides a framework that can be used by
alternative udebs that install the base system in other ways. A simplified
example of using this framework:

	. /usr/share/debconf/confmodule
	. /usr/lib/base-installer/



Each architecture must define the following functions in kernel/$

  arch_get_kernel_flavour ()

    Prints a string describing the flavour of kernel to install. This can be
    in whatever scheme you like; it just has to be in sync with the other
    architecture-specific functions, where it's used.

    May expect $ARCH and $SUBARCH to be set to the architecture and
    subarchitecture (


base-installer regression test interface

This test suite attempts to test base-installer's per-architecture kernel
selection, using a few shims. Run it using 'make test' in the
base-installer/kernel/ directory or './runtests <architecture>' in the
base-installer/kernel/tests/ directory.

Individual tests consist of a .test file in the appropriate per-archi


base-installer (1.115+squeeze1) squeeze; urgency=low

  * Add POWER7 to the powerpc64 family. (Close


* Use different waypoints on the progress bar for cdrom and network installs.


base-installer is written by Tollef Fog Heen <>.

This package is under the GNU Ge

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