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README of BashBurn:
BashBurn is released under the GNU GPL.

Once upon a time, or more exaclty sometime around December year 2001
if I'm not misaken, a young little nerd named Anders Lind´┐Żn was trying
to burn some CDs with his recently bought CD-burner. He tried a lot of 
different programs, but for some reason it would just not work
properly. So, the little nerd thought to himse


BashBurn translation HOWTO

It's quite simple, you open up the files in any simple text editor, and
translate the english sentences into the your language. When you are 
finished translating all files, copy them into a directory with the name of
your language, and create a tar.gz/bzip2/zip archive of it.

Any questions send me a mail at



BashBurn translation HOWTO

E' molto semplice, apri i file con qualunque editor di testi e
traduci le frasi in inglese nella tua lingua. Quando hai finito di
tradurre tutti i file, copiali in una directory con il nome
della tua lingua e crea un file tar.gz/bzip2/zip di tutto.

Per qualunque informazione mandami una mail a



BashBurn translation HOWTO

Es bastante sencillo, abres los archivos con un editor de textos, y


rpm creation for bashburn.

There are two files here (as we speak). The first is the spec file,


FAQ for BashBurn (Magma):

Q1:	Why?
A1:	I felt like it. Well, I got sick of a pro


BashBurn ChangeLog:

BashBurn 3.0.1 (Pepper)
- Added options for DVD burning.
- Is


BashBurn TODO file

LP = Low priority
MP = Medium priority
HP = High priority

*) Add cd text capab

Browse inside bashburn_3.0.1.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]bashburn-3.0.1/ (14)

Download bashburn_3.0.1.orig.tar.gz

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