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This is version of cfengine 3. Please read the documentation carefully
before installing it. This software is NOT a drop-in upgrade for
cfengine 2 installations. It is a significantly more powerful version
of cfengine which offers a path to upgrading gradually while
supporting an existing cfengine 2 base.

Please see the INSTALL file for build instructions.


        Encryption problems fixed - client key buffer was uninitialized.

        Classes-promisers are now automatically canonified when class
	strings are defined, to simplifying the use of variables in classes.

        New scalars sys.cf_version and sys.nova_version that hold Cfengine version information.

        Attribute package_delete_convention added, to allow customizable


The cfengine 3 design and code is by Mark Burgess for Cfengine AS.

This version relies on libraries from cfengine 2.2.8 or later.
Later versions

In order to offer commericial support of cfengine to customers it is
important for Cfengine AS to have an uncomplicated ownership of rights
to cfengine 3 code in future products. For that reason we will require
that substantial code contrbutions (contr


This file contains a copy of:

1) The GNU General Public License version 3
1) The Commericial Open 


 This program is provided under the terms of the GNU public 
 license (see LICENSE file), with expl

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