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Chocolate Doom is a Doom source port which aims to behave as closely
as possible to the original DOS Doom executables.

Chocolate Doom aims to:

 * Be compatible with DOS Doom demos
 * Be compatible with DOS Doom configuration files
 * Be compatible with DOS Doom savegames
 * Be compatible with DOS Doom bugs
 * Provide the same "feel" as DOS Doom (display and input should behave
   the same)
 * A


== Chocolate Doom hardware OPL support notes ==

Chocolate Doom is able to play MIDI music as it sounds in Vanilla Doom
with an OPL chip (as found in the Yamaha Adlib card, the Sound Blaster
and its clones).  Most modern computers do not include an OPL chip any
more, as CPUs are fast enough to do decent software MIDI synthesis.
For this reason, a software OPL emulator is included as a substitute.



This is a set of codeblocks project files for building chocolate doom
under Windows.  Thanks to Russell Rice for these :-)


The Chocolate Doom icon is based on an image by Chris Metcalf
( which i


Project and header files for building with Microsoft Visual C++.  Please
note that the MSVC project 


Makefile to build Windows packages.  Requires zip and unix2dos cygwin
packages to be installed.


Windows CE is a horribly crippled operating system.  The poor thing doesn't
even include a complete 


1.4.0 (2010-07-10):

     The biggest change in this version is the addition of OPL

Browse inside chocolate-doom_1.4.0.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]chocolate-doom-1.4.0/ (34)

Download chocolate-doom_1.4.0.orig.tar.gz

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