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This little program allows the user to pick a http (could support ftp too)
mirror, by choosing first a country, then a mirror, or by manually entering
mirror info. The mirror list is built into it at compile time.

After it has run, the debconf question http/hostname will have the mirror 
host, http/directory will have the base of the mirror, and http/proxy may
contain proxy info in standard form.


choose-mirror (2.28lenny6) stable; urgency=low

  * Backport from trunk.
    - Correctly move progress bar to 100% after reading suites.
  * Updated mirror list.

 -- Frans Pop <>  Sat, 08 May 2010 16:50:46 +0000

choose-mirror (2.28lenny5) stable; urgency=low

  * Fix inconsistency between network- and CD-based installs by always
    cross-validating Release files to ensure identica


* If ftp or http isn't turned on, we can trim down the templates file..
  Or, if cdebconf supports registration, I could just collapse the more or
  less duplicate ftp and http templates into one, and register multiple
  questions from it. Which is probably best..
* Grab country names translations at build time by using the iso_3166
  translations from the iso-codes package. See countrychooser mec


choose-mirror is copyright 2000 by Joey Hess <>.

This program is free software; you

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