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Package version:-


perl Makefile.PL && make
should install required perl modules for CiderWebmail.

Run script/ to test the application.

The user running the application (e.g. wwwrun) needs write access to the root/var directory. 

The path to the user_settings.sql file can be configured by adding something like the following to ciderwebmail.yml. This is needed for example when deploying using


Public Domain Icons

     These icons were originally made for Mosaic for X and have been
     included in the NCSA httpd and Apache server distributions in the
     past. They are in the public domain and may be freely included in any
     application. The originals were done by Kevin Hughes 

     Many thanks to Andy Polyakov for tuning the icon colors and adding a


These icons are provided as an alternative to the standard Apache
icon graphics.  All graphics in this directory, with the exception
of rainbow.gif, are 16x16 pixels in size, rather than the 20x22
dimension icons which are the normal defaults for Apache and are
in the parent directory of this one.


Dummy file for git to retain the database directory.
You may want to move this directory to your /va


use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use English qw(-no_match_vars);
use CiderWebmail::Test {lo


1.04 2012-06-11 22:00:00
    - Completely reworked MIME handling for improved compatability and perf


See for a current list of open requests.


CiderWebmail is covered under the same terms as Perl itself except for
some images in the root/stati

Browse inside ciderwebmail_1.04+20120717.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]CiderWebmail-CiderWebmail-23c90c6/ (12)

Download ciderwebmail_1.04+20120717.orig.tar.gz

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