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Package version:-


 * Full documentation is at

 * The condensed version:
   1. Create a user on your system under which to run Citadel
   2. Install supported versions of Berkeley DB, libical, and libsieve.
   3. ./configure && make && make install
   4. Run the "setup" program
 * After installing Citadel, you'll probably want to install WebCit
   so that you can access the Citadel sys


Welcome to the Citadel system!

Documentation is no longer included with the source code distribution;
instead we encourage you to visit and peruse the
knowledge base we have online at the web site.


Copyright: (C) 1987-2012 Citadel development team; GPL V3

Copyright for CRC16: (C) 2002-2003 Indigo Systems Corporation; 
	  Artistic license + Non advertising clause

Copyright for MD5 implementation: (C) 1993 Colin Plumb; Public Domain

Copyright for RFC 2739 openldap schema:
   (C) 2000 The Internet Society
   (C) 2004 Martin Konold <>
   (C) 2006 Art Cancro <ajc@unce

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