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The files in this directory are intended to allow the compilation of
Fortran 77 source files by combining the Fortran to C translator f2c
(from netlib) and the Microsoft 'cl' C compiler under Cygwin and MSys.

Please read the INSTALL file for instructions how to use this tool.

After you installed this tool, you can use the script "compile_f2c" to
compile Fortran 77 code.  If you specify the flag



	Dylp: An implementation of the dynamic simplex algorithm

  Dylp is a linear programming solver, based on the dynamic simplex algorithm.
  Roughly, this means that dylp attempts to maintain an active constraint
  system which consists of only those constraints and variables that are
  relevant at the current extreme point. The bet is that this will be a
  useful property in situations where the 


  This file contains instructions for building the DyLP documentation from

  Before you go further, ask yourself ``Do I really want to do this?'' If all
  you want to do is read the documentation, look at or dylp.pdf.
  There's a copy of each in this directory, in the build directory, and (if
  you've run `make install') installed in the COIN documentation directory.
  If yo


  This TexMF directory tree contains various original and customised files
  used in the course of 


  svn/cvs: $Id: README 305 2009-10-16 23:27:55Z lou $

  `make examples' will build the dylp wrappe


To install this package, please look at the INSTALL file.

This package contains several subdirecto


 091016	DyLP/stable/1.6
    Dylp now has a set of output routines which will generate tableau


	Lou Hafer ( is the author of dylp.

	The basis inverse code in the files glp*.[ch] w

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