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The files in this directory are intended to allow the compilation of
Fortran 77 source files by combining the Fortran to C translator f2c
(from netlib) and the Microsoft 'cl' C compiler under Cygwin and MSys.

Please read the INSTALL file for instructions how to use this tool.

After you installed this tool, you can use the script "compile_f2c" to
compile Fortran 77 code.  If you specify the flag



To compile this file using MSVC, retrieve the appropriate file from the
binary distribution of Ipopt, and unpack its contents into the BinaryDLL-Link-Example directory
of the Ipopt distribution.

This will allow you to compile and link the example program using MSVC. To run it you should copy the 
correct version of the Ipopt dll in the directory where the compiled execut


The DLLs in this directory export the C interface of the Ipopt solver, as well as its C++ interface 
(which can be accessed via the IpoptApplicationFactory method). By linking against the import library 
you can use these DLLs from within any code compiled using the MSVC 2005/2008/2010 and/or Intel compilers 
for the Windows platform. 

The DLLs include the MUMPS solver by default, and can dynamic


This file describes how to use the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2010 
project files included in 


These directories contain the C++ reimplementation of the interior
point NLP solver Ipopt.

For more


This directory and its subdirectories contain a Java interface for
Ipopt.  It was written and contri



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       color:       #000066 }



NOTE: The Bayes Net example in this subdirectory is no longer being
maintained and should not be use

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Download coinor-ipopt_3.10.2.orig.tar.gz

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