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The files in this directory are used to build the Debian installer.
Basically it consists of downloading udebs, unpacking them, applying some
magic (library reduction etc.) and building an image.

Warning: The build system for the installer is often tightly bound to the
version of Debian for which it is targeted. If you are using stable, use
"apt-get source debian-installer" to get a version of th


boot parameters:

amiboot is now a package sitting in NEW and at 

The rest comes from <> 
and Christian's work on debian boot-floppies (woody).

The StartInstall scripts are now generated in config/m68k/tools.cfg,

-- Stephen R. Marenka <>  14 June 2005


The quick installation guide is in install.doc. For the official and much
more detailed instructions, look for the html, pdf and txt documents in the
doc directory. Note that both documents are not totally in sync, if you have
enhancements or error corrections, please send a diff to
the people on debian-boot or, best option, apply for maintainership and
check it in you


This directory should contain, for each language supported in Debian
Installer, one file, named afte


The GLAN Tank is a NAS device with a 400 MHz IOP chip, 2 IDE slots, 128 MB
RAM, 4 USB ports and 1 GB


The Iomega NAS 100d is a small ARM based gadget which has one
Ethernet, two USB ports, an internal I


The Netwinder ( is a thin client which used to be
produced by Corel and la


The Linksys NSLU2 is a small ARM based gadget which has one Ethernet and
two USB ports.  The idea is

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