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This is Dropbear, a smallish SSH 2 server and client.

INSTALL has compilation instructions.

MULTI has instructions on making a multi-purpose binary (ie a single binary
which performs multiple tasks, to save disk space)

SMALL has some tips on creating small binaries.

See TODO for a few of the things I know need looking at, and please contact
me if you have any questions/bugs found/features/idea


Dropbear for Debian

This package will attempt to listen on port 22. If the OpenSSH 
package ("ssh") is installed, the file /etc/default/dropbear 
will be set up so that the server does not start by default.

You can run Dropbear concurrently with OpenSSH 'sshd' by 
modifying /etc/default/dropbear so that "NO_START" is set to 
"0" and changing the port number that Dropbear runs


Building with the diet libc

This package optionally can be built with the diet libc instead of the
glibc to provide small statically linked programs.  The resulting package
has no dependency on any other package.

To use the diet libc, make sure the latest versions of the dietlibc-dev
package is installed, and set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=diet in the environment
when building


Using the dropbear SSH server with runit's services supervision


See doc/crypt.pdf


To use the pretty graphs you have to first build/run the ltmtest from the root directory of the pack


dropbear (2012.55-0.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.

 -- Matt Johnston <matt@ucc


2012.55 - Wednesday 22 February 2012

- Security: Fix use-after-free bug that could be triggered if 

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