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In order to use dynmips you need to have a Cisco IOS Image for 7200
Router Series. The Image is not part of this software!

Dynamips is not DSFG compliant and will be included in non-free until
"mircocode" binary in source tree is compilable from source. Therefor a
Cross-Compiler-Environment is needed, which is not the case right now.

Erik Wenzel <>, Sat Jan 13 15:09:56 UTC 2007


= Building dynamips for Debian =

Patches are created and organized with dpatch. The package is build with
git-buildpackage and uses cdbs for minimized debian/ overhead.

-- Erik Wenzel <>  Wed Jan 21 22:36:19 CET 2009


dynamips (0.2.7-0.2.8RC2-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * [36efa51e] changed patch system from dpatch to quilt
  * [810c744d] [debian/control] bumped standards version

 -- Erik Wenzel <>  Fri, 10 Sep 2010 23:12:09 +0000

dynamips (0.2.7-0.2.8RC2-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * [5530548a] [patch] added 70_console_bind to allow binds to a
    configurable inet address (Closes: #504669) - 


Initial Debianization:
This package was debianized by Erik Wenzel <> on 
So Aug 13 14

Browse inside dynamips_0.2.7-0.2.8RC2-5.debian.tar.gz

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Download dynamips_0.2.7-0.2.8RC2-5.debian.tar.gz

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