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edbrowse, a line oriented editor browser.
Maintained by Chris Brannon,
Written and previously maintained by Karl Dahlke,
See COPYING for licensing agreements.


Netscape and Explorer are graphical browsers.
Lynx and Links are screen browsers.
This is a command line browser; the only one of its kind


This directory contains the original version of edbrowse, written in Perl.
It is here for historical purposes only.  The Perl version is neither
supported nor maintained.
That said, it is still useful in some circumstances.  It will run on any
machine that has a Perl interpreter.  You can use it on all sorts of systems
that cannot run the C version of edbrowse.
It's also useful if you want to take


Here are some changes introduced by recent versions of edbrowse.

* Edbrowse now requires version 1.8.5 (or higher) of Spidermonkey.
* When completing filenames with readline, a trailing space is no longer added.
* Updated French translation of the User's Guide, thanks to Erwin Bliesenick.
* Edbrowse now supports localized HTTP responses; see the User's Guide.
* In the Edbrowse scripting la


Sending an attachment qp encoded, like on a csv file with long lines,
and then receiving that file t


This program is copyright (C) (C) Karl Dahlke, 2000-2008.
It is made available by the author under t

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