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This is an experimental web server, meant to demonstrate how to write a
scalable web server using the IO and IOB API from libowfat

To compile this, you will need the current libowfat version, probably
even the current CVS version.


gatling now supports some anti denial of service code.

You can set a limit of how often each IP can request files from gatling
per minute.  gatling will then keep book about which IPs had how many
requests in the last minute, and if someone exceeds that limit, they
will only be allowed back in if they did not request anything for a
whole minute.

If someone gets caught at DOSsing you, their conne


bindbench will create many sockets and then bind them to port 0 (i.e.
tell the operating system to assign a free port to them).

Ideally, this should be a constant time operation, but some
implementations may implement selecting the smallest free port by
traversing a list or array.

On i386, bindbench will read the task cycle counter instead of
gettimeofday and give the results in CPU cycles, not 


Gatling now has primitive CGI support.

To use it, touch ".proxy" in the root of the virtual host, f


forkbench will fork off many child processes (settable on the command
line with -c, default is 1000)


gatling now also speaks FTP, and it is enabled per default.
Disable it with -F.

Working around itoj


gatling supports very basic .htaccess handling.

If checks (in the current directory only!) for a .h


gatling is a non-forking HTTP server.
It listens on port 80 when running as root, or port 8000 other

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