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This directory holds various generators to generate some code/data. We ship
that generated content as part of the source code to simplify compilation, so
there's no need for the end user to regenerate anything. A developer making
changes to the relevant data files would need this, though,


These files were taken straight from StarDict 3.0.1. They didn't seem to
bear any copyright notices, and as such, no new initial notices were added.
Some global ids were changed to make sure that StarDict and GoldenDict
wouldn't interfere with each other when running simultaneously. Also,
Firefox 3 was made to work by implementing ETO_GLYPH_INDEX in ExtTextOutW()

The Makefile is made fo


This directory holds precompiled third-party libraries and their header files
used to build GoldenDict under Windows. Those are supplied merely to ease
the build process. No other platform except Windows uses those files, so they
can safely be removed for Linux builds etc.
Due credit goes to those created those libraries. The libraries are
copyrighted by their responsive copyright holders and dist


    GoldenDict, a dictionary lookup program.
    Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Konstantin Isakov <ikm@user

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