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Haddock, a Haskell Documentation Tool

This is Haddock, a tool for automatically generating documentation
from annotated Haskell source code.  It is primary intended for
documenting library interfaces, but it should be useful for any kind
of Haskell code.

Like other systems ([1],[2]), Haddock lets you write documentation
annotations next to the definitions of


Haddock documentation

The documentation is in DocBook XML format.  You need some tools to
process it: at least xsltproc, and the DocBook XML DTD and XSL
stylesheets.  There's a configure script to detect the right way to
process the documentation on your system, and a Makefile to actually
do the processing (so, on Windows, you'll need Cygwin or MSys in
addition to the DocBoo


Changes in version 2.10.0

 * Require GHC >= 7.4

 * Safe Haskell indications on module pages

 * Type declarations on identifiers no longer necessary

 * Add flag --interface-version

 * Warn when comment refers to in-scope identifier without documentation

 * Bug fix: links to out-of-scope things (#78)

 * Bug fix: module references to other packages work again

Changes in version 2.9.4

  * Req


Copyright 2002-2010, Simon Marlow.  All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source and binar

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         [DIR]haddock-2.10.0/ (28)  37 mirrors

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