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hivex - by Richard W.M. Jones,
Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Red Hat Inc.

This is a self-contained library for reading and writing Windows
Registry "hive" binary files.

Unlike many other tools in this area, it doesn't use the textual .REG
format for output, because parsing that is as much trouble as parsing
the or


This directory contains test images for the hivex library.

'minimal' is a valid registry containing a single root nk (with
associated sk) which was created by chopping out everything possible
from a Windows 2003 software hive and then doing lots of hand edits on
the result.  There is no "source" for it as such, it is just a
hand-crafted binary blob.

'large' is a procedurally generated, large hiv


2010-07-13  Hilko Bengen  <>

	There is no perl/Hivex.c.

	Work with local gnulib

2010-07-12  Richard Jones  <>

	Don't try to process junk after a string value as UTF-16.
	Thanks to Hilko Bengen for characterizing the issue and
	providing an initial version of this patch.

2010-07-12  Hilko Bengen  <>

	Call iconv_close along error path ou


This is the license for the hivex library.


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