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Package version:-


Use ./Makefile.PL to generate a Makefile, "make" will build the
documentation wiki and a man page, and "make install" will install ikiwiki.

All other documentation is in the ikiwiki documentation wiki, which is also
available online at <>

A few special variables you can set while using the Makefile.PL:

  PROFILE=1 turns on profiling for the build of the doc wiki.
  (Uses De


In this directory is a CPAN config file that causes it to install into the HOME
directory, and tries to be reasonably portable. Set PERL5LIB=ikiwiki/cpan to
use it.

This is provided with ikiwiki for use on hosting providers such as, that have CPAN but need some tweaking for it to be
usable by a regular user.


It's a good idea, and in some cases a requirement, to rebuild your wikis
when upgrading to a new version of ikiwiki. If you have a lot of different
wikis on a system, this can be a pain to do by hand, and it's a good idea
to automate it anyway.

This Debian package of ikiwiki supports rebuilding wikis on upgrade. It
will run ikiwiki-mass-rebuild if necessary when upgraded. The file


ikiwiki (3.20100515) unstable; urgency=low

  There are two significant changes to the page.tmpl tem


This is where announcements of new releases, features, and other news is
posted. FooBar users are re


[[!meta date="2008-04-28 14:57:25 -0400"]]

I am considering moving a news site to Ikiwiki. I am hop


This is where announcements of new releases, features, and other news are
posted. [[IkiWikiUsers]] a


FooBar frequently asked questions.

[[!toc ]]

## Is this a real program?

No, it's just an example.

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