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Because of the dynamic nature of InspIRCd, we do not have traditional documentation in our tarball.

The documentation for InspIRCd can be found on our wiki, at
Our Bugtracker can be found at
Our Forum can be found at
Our Development blog can be found at

For online support, please conne


Here you can find locales configuration files.

(!) The idea and several locale files are derived from Bynets UnrealIRCd distribution (See

*** File structure ***

Each file consists of 5-7 lines:
1: List of additional allowed characters

2: List of additional allowed multibyte characters ranges. In form: Sa_1 Ea_1 Sa_2 Ea_2 Sb_1 Eb_1 Sb_2 Eb_2... Total numbers count should


This directory stores modules which require external libraries to compile.
For example, m_filter_pcre requires the PCRE libraries.

To compile any of these modules first ensure you have the required dependencies
(read the online documentation at and then symlink
the .cpp file from this directory into the parent directory (src/modules/) and
re-configure your inspircd with


      NOTE: InspIRCd is licensed under GPL version 2 only.

      "Upgrading" to a later version of 

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