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The compiling and installation procedure differs a bit from the common procedure.
Read the following steps:
1. Go to the unpacked directory.
2. Run: ./configure
3. Run to compile: make
4. Run (as root) to install: make install
5. Go to the directory keytouch-config by running: cd keytouch-config
   ... and repeat steps 2-4.
6. Go to the directory keytouch-keyboard in the unpacked directory by runn


Version 2.4.1:
* keytouchd:
 - keytouchd now detects if KDE or GNOME is running. It does that by checking if there
   is a process 'kdesktop' or 'gnome-session'. If there is such a process keytouchd
   will use the values of all environment variables for its own environment variables.
   As a result the applications launched by keytouchd will appear on the XGL display if
   XGL is running and GTK 


Version 2.3.1:
 - read_event() now only cuts off a line when the line starts with "hotkey" or "button".

Version 2.3.0 beta 4:
 - keytouch-acpid is not an X client anymore. Instead it writes events to the event device of a keyboard.
 - 'make install' will now install a bootscript that calls keytouch-acpid so that it will run at the background.
 - The Xsession script will not be installed anymore, 


Version 2.4.0 beta:
 - The program now checks if KDE is running, by checking if environment variable


Version 2.4.0 beta:
 - Added support for USB keyboards.

Version 2.2.0 beta 2:
 - Keys with scancode


Version 2.4.0 beta:
 - The keyboard list is now presented as a treeview.
 - When keytouch-keyboard i


Version 2.4.1:
 - keytouchd now detects if KDE or GNOME is running. It does that by checking if ther


Version 2.3.0 beta 4:
 - Amixer plugin: Muting is now also possible for channels without a playback 

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