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Dear User/Packager,

this Readme is targeted towards people who want to build Kile from source or plan to create binary packages.
If you have created a package, please drop us a note ( ), so that we can promote your package.

1.) Checking dependencies

- KDE 4.x with x >= 2 and corresponding Qt development packages (ForwardDVI only work


The Short version
In order to run Kile on Windows, you'll need:

1. Kile and its supporting KDE libraries.  The KDE-Windows installer should take care of this for you.
2. A TeX installation available somewhere in your PATH.  The default options when installing MikTeX should make this happen
3. Viewers for whatever file types you plan to generate (PDF, PS, DVI, etc)

Helping Kile


[See below for an alternative way]

In order to install Kile on MacOS X, you need the following things:
- a working LaTeX distribution
- the KDE libraries
- and Kile itself, of course

Installing X11

[X11 does not need to be installed with Qt4 as it can use the Aqua framework.]

Installing all the rest through Fink

Fink is the packaging system


CWL File Specification 0.1:

Completion modes:
	Kile supports three completion modes, which use thei


As of today (06/01/2009) the syntax files are no longer part of kile they are now only in the main K


version 2.1 beta 5 -> 2.1

- Fix a potential memory leak related to the parser progress bar


- add section on how to use character encodings in Kile


# todonotes.sty
# Salim 2008/11/09; A. Weder 2010/06/04
# http://www.

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