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This application is used to display scientific data.

When running configure, you may need to use the --prefix option to point to
the KDE install directory to ensure that the XML and desktop files are
picked up.  Symptoms of an incorrect installation include missing menu
entries and inability to load and display data.

Package dependancies:
Compiling kst depends on the following packages (listed f


How to build Kst for Mac OS X

1. Make sure the X11SDK is installed (check if /usr/X11R6/include has X.h).  If
it is not installed, run the X11SDK installer from Applications/Installers.

2. Make sure root user is enabled (try su at a terminal).  If it is not
enabled, run Applications/Utilities/NetInfo.  Select Authenticate from the
Security menu, and enter in an admi


This is a demonstration datasource for accessing a NAD server.  If you wish
to contribute to this, please contact first.  Any commits
to this directory will be reverted if not previously authorized as work is
being done externally.

This directory is not to be added to the main build of Kst.


This libray consists of a group of classes which allow KDE 
applications to access calendar dates ou


Classes to be bound or created in JS:

Kst             General Kst object (static global) - effectiv


This library does not keep source or binary compatibility.  Unless every one
of you


This directory contains work that will hopefully lead to automatic generation
of the bindings.


A simplistic way to check which objects are supported by kjsembed and which
are missing.

Browse inside kst_1.7.0.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]kst-1.7.0/ (28)

Download kst_1.7.0.orig.tar.gz

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