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This is libcitadel, a library which contains code that is used in multiple
components of the Citadel system -- the server, the text mode client, and
WebCit.  It is not intended to be a general-purpose library for widespread
use, although there are parts of it that may be useful for that purpose,
such as the MIME parser and the vCard data type.

Copyright (c) 1987-2009 by the developmen


This module is a simple module that parses the proposed MIME spec listed
at  It is currently targetted at version 0.12.
There are no formal releases planned for this module, and it is not
intended to be installed at this time.  Rather, it is meant to be used
by other libraries or applications to add support for the MIME system.

It is dual-licensed under the terms of the G


2007-08-28  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* src/.cvsignore:
	* src/Makefile:
	* src/test-mime-data.c: Add test-mime-data test program from
	Matthias Clasen <> (Closes: #5210)

2007-06-04  Christian Neumair  <>

	* src/xdgmime*.[ch]: Rename _caches to _xdg_mime_caches. Also
	namespace all reserved symbols that are declared in headers using


LibCitadel is distributed under the GPL V3. It contains a copy of
two other modules: 
  * xdgmime; h

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