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Note to the developers

The stability of libcwd depends on feedback I receive.
Because of the way libcwd works and is tested before releases,
it is very likely that libcwd either works OR core dumps
even before it reaches main.  If you are trying libcwd for
the first time and it doesn't work for you (even the simplest
application crashes) then please CONTACT ME!  It doesn't



1  May 2002

  Now we use dlopen() and dlsym() to find a pointer to libc's malloc
  et al.  As a result we don't have to use the dirty marco trick anymore
  and libcwd now catches all allocations, also those by third party
  libraries.  Another trick is used to swap from using libc's malloc to
  libcwd's malloc as soon as possible.
  Threading is still not supported unfortunately, you'll need to c


A warning for those who want to use PCH (pre compiled headers):
g++ does NOT take the "current directory" from which the
compiler was started into account.  This means that if you use
a PCH that includes a header file (such as #include "debug.h",
or "sys.h"!) which might change depending on the directory
you are in, then g++ might re-use an old PCH while it shouldn't.
The most likely result of thi


Initial Initialisation
If you checked out this directory with svn (see belo


See README.mingw32.


Libcwd will only compile on cygwin and mingw32 when you configure it with
--disable-alloc and --disa


16 Oct 2000

Only the static library is supported (libcwd.a).

OpenBSD has a few terribl


27 Jan 2006

According to ..., libcwd_r works on solaris 9.
I never tested it myself.

11 May 2002


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