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This is GDGraph, a package to generate charts, using Lincoln Stein's See the documentation for some history and more information.

The latest release is available from CPAN:

PLEASE NOTE: The release which includes this file is a set of bug-fixes and
feature additions on top of version 1.43, provided by various Perl users,
and assembled and and packaged up in the hope 


=head1 NAME

GD::Graph::FAQ - Frequently asked questions


=head2 I get errors like "Can't call method METHOD on an undefined value". What gives?

You probably had an error somewhere, most likely in the plot() method,
and you didn't check for it. See the section on Error Handling in the
documentation for L<GD::Graph> to find out how to deal with this sort
of thing, and how to ge


17 May 2006

- Patched bugs 7307, 2944 (extended the fix to mixed graphs), 4177, and 16863.
- Fixed a fencepost error in that caused an occasional segfault
	(reported by John Westlund and Hank Leininger)
- Fixed a bug that broke bar charts with no visible 0-axis 
	(reported by Steve Foster)

19 Feb 2006

- Patched bugs 2218, 4632 (which had two duplicates), 7881, and 15374
- Failed to updat

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