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GSM 06.10 13 kbit/s RPE/LTP speech compression available

The Communications and Operating Systems Research Group (KBS) at the
Technische Universitaet Berlin is currently working on a set of
UNIX-based tools for computer-mediated telecooperation that will be
made freely available.

As part of this effort we are publishing an implementation 


Sun Apr  5  04:53:07 2009       Jutta Degener (

	* Release 1.0 Patchlevel 13
	COPYRIGHT: exploring the deeper meaning and cultural
	history of the word "any".

Fri Jun  2 06:27:56 2006	Jutta Degener (

	* Release 1.0 Patchlevel 12
	src/code.c: removed modifiable static storage that made the library
	 	non-reentrant.  (Thanks to Paul Gibbs for pointing out the bug.)


Copyright 1992, 1993, 1994 by Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann,
Technische Universitaet Berlin

Any use of this software is permitted provided that this notice is not
removed and that neither the authors nor the Technische Universitaet Berlin
are deemed to have made any representations as to the suitability of this
software for any purpose nor are held responsible for any defects of
this software

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         [DIR]gsm-1.0-pl13/ (30)  6 mirrors

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