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# Haml and Sass

Haml and Sass are templating engines
for the two most common types of documents on the web:
HTML and CSS, respectively.
They are designed to make it both easier and more pleasant
to code HTML and CSS documents,
by eliminating redundancy,
reflecting the underlying structure that the document represents,
and providing elegant, easily understandable, and powerful syntax.

## Using



# Haml Spec #

Haml Spec provides a basic suite of tests for Haml interpreters.

It is intented for developers who are creating or maintaining an implementation
of the [Haml]( markup language.

At the moment, there are test runners for the [original Haml](
in Ruby, and for [Lua Haml]( Support for
other versions of 


Monitor API

There are three ways you can run the monitor.

1. call monitor with a path parameter, and define callbacks in a block
2. call monitor with a block to configure multiple paths and callbacks
3. create a monitor object and run each step manually

Monitor with path

This form watches one path, and enters the run loop automatically. The first parameter is the 


Copyright (c) 2009 Travis Tilley

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtain

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