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Package version:-


JBoss Remoting 2.5.2.SP2
January 11, 2010

This distribution of JBoss Remoting contains the following directories:

docs - contains user guide and javadoc
etc - contains example service xml for creating and running jboss remoting services within the JBoss Application Server and example web.xml for the remoting invoker servlet.
examples - source code for remoting samples, which are referenced in th


README for the DocBook XML DTD

For more information about DocBook, please see

Please send all questions, comments, concerns, and bug reports to the
DocBook mailing list:


README for the DocBook Stylesheets

These are XSL stylesheets for the DocBook XML DTD. (They would
also work for the DocBook DTD, modulo certain namecase problems
and the fact that there aren't (yet) any XSL implementations
that work with SGML source documents.)

As of version 1.0, most of the elements in DocBook are handled
in some way or another, usually reasonably, but there's still
lots of wor


This is a manual test.  To perform test, put the jboss-remoting-tests.jar in the server/all/lib dire


The servlet lease test require a web container.  Currently, this test has to be run
manually.  Here 


This package contains simple tests of sending invocation requests object (which contain simple strin


This text covers how to run the spring hessian performance benchmark test.

This test can not be run


This text covers how to run the spring http performance benchmark test.

This test can not be run au

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