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LaTeX-Table version 1.0.6

This module supports multipage tables via the xtab and the longtable package.
For publication quality tables it utilizes the booktabs package. It also
supports the tabularx and tabulary packages for nicer fixed-width tables.
Furthermore, it supports the colortbl package for colored tables optimized for
presentations.  The powerful new ctable package is supported and espe


Revision history for LaTeX-Table

1.0.6  Mon  Oct 25 2010
        - eor option (thanks Jens)
        - POD: Ascii tables of classic themes.
        - fixed #62016 (thanks Bowen)
        - ltpretty ignores empty trailing lines
        - ltpretty test
        - Evanston theme (Booktabs)

1.0.5  Wed  Aug 25 2010
        - Set min. version of MooseX::FollowPBP to 0.03 (older versions caused


- The OO design is a real MESS. Most of it is easy to fix without breaking the
  API (started)
- coldef_strategy is an ugly hack. This API should be redone for a 2.0 release.  
- nicer examples.pdf (started)
- maybe move csv2pdf and ltpretty in an extra package, because they introduce
  dependencies. But hey, we use Moose which requires half of CPAN anyway...
- fine tune default parameters
- short



The intent of this document is to state the conditions under which a Package
may be copied

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