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This is the README file for Module::ScanDeps, a module to recursively
scan Perl programs for dependencies.

An application of Module::ScanDeps is to generate executables from scripts
that contains necessary modules; this module supports two such projects,
PAR and App::Packer.  Please see their respective documentations on CPAN
for further information.

* Installation

Module::ScanDeps uses the sta


[Changes for 1.08 - 2012-02-21]
* RT #73785: scandeps -c fails on modules that depend on Getopt::Euclid
  - for "scandeps -c ..." switch from an INIT block to a CHECK block
    and call the augmented script with "perl -c"  instaed of "perl"

* RT#72954 ":encoding(UTF-8)" doesn't imply a dependency on
  - if scan_chunk sees ":encoding(FOO)" or similar, it goes to some
    length to find t


Here is a list of people and their CPAN id, extracted from the ChangeLog
file and the mailing list archives.  These people have either submitted
patches or suggestions, or their bug reports or comments have inspired
the appropriate patches.  Corrections, additions, deletions welcome:

Adam Kennedy                  (ADAMK)
Adrian Issott
Alan Stewart
Alexandr Ciornii              (CHORNY)
Andrew Lee

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