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This is Net::RawIP, a perl module can to manipulate raw IP packets,
with an optional feature for manipulating Ethernet headers.

NOTE: Ethernet related methods currently implemented only on Linux and *BSD!
Help with port eth.c to other platforms is very appreciated.

You need perl 5.004 or later to use this module.
You need to have installed libpcap, available from:


If you are using Ubuntu y


If you want to implement a subip protocol then read this,please.    

Let me to explain my propositions. I think that

1) There is no reason to implement all of the protocols in the 
one module.
There are so many protocols.

2)There is a "generic" subclass which can be used for the implementing
those subip protocols.

You could to write the module for manipulate your desired protocol
and use it wi


Revision history for Perl extension Net::RawIP.

0.23 Tue Jan8  2007
    - add version number to submodules

0.22 Tue Jan8  2007
    - remove dependency on List::MoreUtils

0.22_01 Mon Jul 16 2007 (Steve Bonds)
    - fix endianness bug in ICMP packet creation
    - add lots of comments on what's going on in the ICMP portion
      of the RawIP.xs and files
    - break out sub-packages to t


svk diff -r11153:11154  | less
add warnings !!

$ [~/Net-RawIP-0.21_02]# perl -I../perl5lib/lib -

Browse inside libnet-rawip-perl_0.23.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]Net-RawIP-0.23/ (21)  2 mirrors

Download libnet-rawip-perl_0.23.orig.tar.gz

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