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This is version 1.13 of Net::Traceroute.  Users upgrading from before
version 1.04, please note that there has been an interface change.
Your program may not work.  Please see "CLONING SUPPORT BEFORE 1.04"
in the pod documentation.

New with this version includes support for parsing cisco IOS
traceroutes, and tests for the same.

Net::Traceroute is available from CPAN and my home
page.  My CPAN ar


2011-02-19  Daniel Hagerty  <>

	** Integrate cisco IOS support:
	*** Add a few status codes.
	*** Keep track of which chunk of traceroute input was most
	    recently seen for parsing purposes.
	*** Lots of regexp tweaks.
	*** Doc changes.
	** Random documentation updates.
	** Use anonymous filehanles when suitable.
	** Bump to version 1.13 for release.
	* t/4*.t



* Retain ASN, MPLS data.
* Retain DNS names.
* See if more modern perl idioms do what we want in the case of
  pipe/fork/exec producing ENOENT from exec.

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