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This is the README file for PAR-Packer, a part of the PAR toolkit.
PAR-Packer is the PAR component that can generate stand-alone executables
and ".par" archives.

The main front-end for PAR-Packer is the "pp" utility.

Please type "perldoc PAR::FAQ" for frequently answered questions.

For packing scripts with prerequisite modules into stand-alone scripts
or executables (aka PerlApp, Perl2exe, or '


[Changes for 1.012 - Dec 2, 2011]
* Bug fixes, etc.
  - run all tests using a nonce PAR_TMPDIR (otherwise CPAN Testers
    goes crazy as top level /tmp/par-USER directories (or similar)
    from previous tests may now be considered "unsafe")
  - bump dependency on PAR to 1.005 which has the same behaviour

[Changes for 1.011 - Dec 1, 2011]
* Bug fixes, etc.

  -  RT #69560/CVE-2011-4114: PAR packe


The official PAR TODO list can be found in the PAR wiki at

It supersedes this document which is left in the distribution
for reference only.


With release 0.970 the once monolithic PAR distribution was split
into two separate distributions: P

Browse inside libpar-packer-perl_1.012.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]PAR-Packer-1.012/ (28)  2 mirrors
         [DIR]PAR-Packer-1.012/ (28)  2 mirrors

Download libpar-packer-perl_1.012.orig.tar.gz

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