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This a first draft if Inter-Kernel Communication for POE.  It is intended
as a point of reference for discusion of issues involved.  

As "Mythical Man Month" says : Plan to throw one away.

You will need the latest version of POE.  IKC has a sneaky way of
discovering bugs and lacunae in POE :)

Quick test :
perl Makefile.PL
./server & ./client
... and wait 

Better yet, run ./server and ./


Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::IKC.

0.2200 08 May 2009
    - Better concurrency handling
    - We now have a reusable thunk session
    - Added test cases for above
    - Reworked t/30_concurrency.t Seems it was failing on Win32
    - Added ClientLite->responded()

0.2102 06 May 2009
    - IKC::Channel uses presence of IKC alias, not {shutdown}, to unregister
    - Added a _c


- extend the monitor stuff
    - socket errors
    - remote_subscribe/remote_unsubscribe

- Other IPC then just INET and UNIX domain sockets (IPC, Pipes, FIFOs)

- Global event naming scheme
    This will also make documentation and discussions easier.

- Access restrictions
    Currently all a foreign kernel can post events to any session w/in
    a local kernel.

    A much better idea would be 

Browse inside libpoe-component-ikc-perl_0.2200.orig.tar.gz

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Download libpoe-component-ikc-perl_0.2200.orig.tar.gz

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