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The first priority of Set::Scalar is to be a convenient interface
to sets (as in: unordered colletions of Perl scalars.)  While not
designed to be slow or big, neither has it been designed to be
fast or compact.

Please see lib/Set/ for more information, once you have
installed this module, "perldoc Set::Scalar" should work.



This is a long-waited-for (I hope) rewrite of the venerable Set::Scalar
module.  The original 0.00x series culminated in 0.003 back in May 1996,
the 0.004 in October 1998 was just a minor update.

The most egregious problem with the old implementation was that having
complex things such as objects as set members (for example if sets of sets
were wanted) didn't really work.

While this new implemen


2009-12-27  Jarkko Hietaniemi  <>

	* Fixed "trying to add an element twice prevents further
	  adds to the set" [ #52559], bug reported by
	  Eduard Wulff.
	* Removed unused and deprecated (Perl 5.12?) "use UNIVERSAL 'isa'"
	  from Set/Scalar/
	* Add tests for the copy overload.
	* Released as 1.25.
2009-06-02  Jarkko Hietaniemi  <>

	* Fixed "The

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