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 * @file
 * @brief Description of libspf2
 * The contents of this file is extracted by the documentation
 * generator, and forms the front matter and introductory text to this 
 * manual. The documentation for this file is, therefore, apparently
 * empty.

 * @mainpage Introduction to libspf2

 * @par Recipes

An example client implementation is in spf_example.c with a little
more erro


The functions in this directory are replacements in case the OS does
not have native libraries that contain (working) copies.

The original file names have been changed in order to match the
AC_REPLACE_FUNC() names in

GNU getopt

getopt_long_only.c was originally called getopt.c

BIND nameserv functions

These functions were snarfed out of the bind9.2.3 distribution



SPF_MAX_DNS_MECH is in multiple places
SPF_i_set_header_comment has a switch duplicated into spf_result.c
Test compile without pthreads and without res_ninit() - NetBSD 2

TODO items (somewhat in priority order)

* need to add better credits:
  * manu <at> (Emmanuel Dreyfus)

* SPF_dns_thread( lookup_layer, cache_layer )
  * read locking/write locking
  * spf layer function:  add_c


The code in the libspf2 distribution is Copyright 2005 by Shevek
and Wayne Schlitt, all rights rese

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         [DIR]libspf2-1.2.9/ (36)  8 mirrors

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