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Test-Output provides a simple interface for testing output send to STDOUT
or STDERR. A number of different utilies are included to try and be as 
flexible as possible to the tester.

While Test::Output requires Test::Tester during installation, this 
requirement is only for it's own tests, not for what it's testing. One of 
the main ideas behind Test::Output is to make it as self cont


Revision history for Test-Output

1.01 - Fri Apr 22 07:58:19 2011
	* Bump to a full release. This fixes the tests that failed
	in the new 5.14 regex stringification

0.16_03 - Mon Oct 25 23:10:41 2010
	* Fix cat-o with handling $,

0.16_02 - Tue Oct 19 03:26:14 2010
	* Update tests with hardcoded regex stringification for 
	Perl's new (?^:) stuff

0.16_01 - Tue Jun  9 22:58:58 2009
	* Added META_M


Added parameter checking to all tests
  coderef or die
  expout or expstderr set or die
Add tests to ensure they die properly
Add passing an array as expected to cycle through
Add options:
  if expected is an array
    order => 1 order doesn't matter
    match_any => 1 match any in the array (doesn't match in isnts)
    ignore_whitespace =>1 trim all whitespace from output and expected


You can use Test::Output under the same terms as Perl itself.

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         [DIR]Test-Output-1.01/ (20)  4 mirrors

Download libtest-output-perl_1.01.orig.tar.gz

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