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                       Tie::ShadowHash version 1.0
         (Merge multiple data sources into a hash with overrides)

  Copyright 1999, 2002, 2010 by Russ Allbery <>.  This
  program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under
  the same terms as Perl itself.

  I welcome all bug reports and patches for this package (and in
  particular, if you're looking for a


2010-04-03  Russ Allbery  <>

	* Tie::ShadowHash 1.0 released.

	* Makefile.PL: Change the dist name to Tie-ShadowHash.  Use angle
	brackets for my e-mail address.  Set the LICENSE parameter for
	Perl 5.10 or later.

	* t/pod.t: Test syntactic validity of POD documentation.
	* t/pod-spelling.t: Test spelling in POD documentation, but only
	for maintainers.
	* ShadowH


                        Tie::ShadowHash To-Do List

A list of things planned for the future for this module, in no particular
order.  As this is a module I can only work on in my free time, or when I
need something for something else I'm doing, I probably won't get to any
of this as fast as I'd like.  If you'd like to implement anything on this
list, drop me a line first at and th

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